UK Interior Awards



Do I need to be an interior designer/blogger/influencer to enter?

Most definitely not! If you are, that’s great. If you’re not, that’s great too. We aim to look past professional qualifications, job titles and social followings to unearth the talent and passion beneath.

How do I know if my home is good enough to enter? I’m nervous!

If we had a pound for every time we heard this last year. Basically, if you love your home then that’s all that’s required to enter. If you ask us (and probably our 2018 winners, too) there’s nothing embarrassing about being proud of your home. And who knows, you might just win!
Everybody who enters – providing they meet the criteria – makes it to the voting stage. And whilst not everybody can be shortlisted, we never reveal voting stats.
Our community is supportive and will cheer you on every step of the way. As will we.

I live in Ireland. Can I enter?

For sure! We know we’re called the UK Interior Awards, but we’re open to residents of the UK and Ireland. So please do!

How many photos do I need to submit?

Four. If you’re entering a house category, then we’ll need one wide shot of four different rooms in your home. If you’re entering the Best Room Revamp category, we’ll need one before shot, and three after shots of different angles of the room.

I want to enter my home but not every room is finished. Can I still enter?

Yes! We need to see four finished rooms. Which rooms you enter is up to you.

Can I enter more than one category?

Absolutely! So long as you meet the criteria for each one you wish to enter.

How do I know if you’ve received my entry?

You should receive an auto-email advising you that we’ve received your submission. If we require anything else from you, we’ll be in touch.

How do I send my images over?

Simply reply to the auto-email and attach your images. If you’ve lost your auto-email, send your snaps to, but be sure to tell us your full name so we know who they belong to.

Can you credit my images?

We have such limited space on our galleries that there’s nowhere for us to credit images, unfortunately. If you wish, you can watermark your images before sending them over.

Can I enter after the deadline?

Sorry, but no. Our deadlines are in place to allow plenty of turnaround time after each stage. Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram so you don’t miss the deadlines.

Why do I need to agree to a photoshoot and interview when I enter?

Because we may need to photograph your home for judging purposes, for press and promotional use or for a magazine feature. All exciting things, we promise.

Can I offer incentives to encourage followers to vote for me?

Unfortunately not. We want the awards to be as fair as can be and we’re aware that not all entrants will have the resources available to offer followers a prize, discount or any other incentive in exchange for a vote. Therefore, we ask that you don’t. Anyone found to be offering an incentive risks being disqualified.

I don’t think I’ll get enough votes to be shortlisted. Is it still worth entering?

YES! Firstly, you may be surprised at how many votes some entrants with modest social followings received in the 2018 awards compared to others with tens of thousands.
Secondly, we’ve introduced what we’ve called ‘Judge’s Choice’ to ensure everyone gets a fair shot. So, when the three entrants with the most votes in each category get shortlisted, one of our judges will choose an entrant they believe to be talented who didn’t rack up quite enough votes to also be shortlisted.

Can I be shortlisted in more than one category?

Unfortunately not, as we want to give everyone a shot. If a high number of votes means you’re top three in more than one category you will only be shortlisted in the category of which you received the most votes.

What advice would you give to somebody entering?

  • For starters, have your images ready to submit when you enter. That way, there’s no risk of you forgetting to submit them (which could see you disqualified as you haven’t met the criteria), and we don’t have to send you 300 emails to remind you.

  • When filling out the ‘why are you entering?’ box, keep it short and sweet. Tell us why you’re eligible to enter that particular category, give us a couple of bullet points and examples, don’t worry about going into too much detail.

  • Send in clear, high quality, full-room photographs. We don’t have time to do any editing on our end, unfortunately, so ensure your pics are top notch before submitting them. Some voters may not have come across your home on social media before, therefore you want them to see it in the best light possible.

  • Ask yourself if you’re eligible to enter more than one category, and if you are, then go for it. More entries means more chance of being shortlisted, no?

  • Ask family and friends to vote for you. There’s nothing shameful about asking your nearest and dearest to support your application. Remember, one vote can be the difference between being shortlisted or not.