UK Interior Awards

Q&A with Anna Hayman


Five minutes with UKIA judge and print designer, Anna Hayman...

UKIA: What made you realise that you wanted to work in interiors? Was there a defining moment?
AH: "I worked in fashion throughout my twenties, but when I bought a property and started to decorate I realised how much passion I had for interiors, and I began to think about products I could create for the home. I’ve always enjoyed a faff though, even when I was small my friends would get irritated with me rearranging the dolls house furniture instead of actually playing dolls!"

UKIA: What three words would you use to describe a day in the life of a print designer?
AH: "Immersive, exhilarating, fulfilling."

UKIA: What’s been your career highlight?
AH: "I really enjoyed creating a space for clothing giant, River Island, in their London Marble Arch store. I was allowed a free rein to create a glamorous and relaxed bar space, featuring my own products. It was so much fun, and we are planning a 'Sizzling Summer' update soon."

UKIA: What’s your biggest style secret?
AH: "A great look doesn't have to be expensive. Key pieces, like a fringed lampshade (see what I did there), can be mixed with eBay finds and thrift shop bargains for an eclectic vibe."

UKIA: Have you any career-focussed goals on your bucket list? If so, what are they?
AH: "We are just about to dive into fashion as a complete new direction for the brand, although if I'm honest, fashion is my comfort zone. I would LOVE to be running a successful fashion line within 5 years, keeping it very louche, relaxed and with a vintage vibe. I also have a few potential collaborations under wraps which are very exciting. My lips are sealed, but I’m hoping they come to fruition this year."

UKIA: If you could give the Anna Hayman treatment to any property in the world, what (or whose) would it be and why?
AH: "I may have the chance to do some murals at a Spanish hotel this year, which would be a real creative retreat and an interesting experiment to test my artistic skill on a large scale. A lot of my prints are being used throughout the building so I’m looking forward to seeing these."

UKIA: What one piece of advice would you give budding interior print/product designers?
AH: "Find your own suppliers and don’t ask other designers for theirs, it is super awkward! You need guts and means to make mistakes and learn from them for two or three years."

UKIA: What are you most looking forward to about the UK Interior Awards 2018?
AH: "I just adore seeing handsome setups, and love a good post-faff home shot, whether it belongs to a well-known interior designer or someone who just loves dressing up their kitchen. I am massively nosy and get so inspired by others’ eclectic tastes."

UKIA: What will you be looking for when choosing your winners of the UK Interior Awards 2018?
AH: "I’m interested in good palettes. That doesn't discount monochrome schemes, but if an entrant has matched blues or greys really well, for instance, that will excite me. Also where someone has been intuitive about paint and light, pattern and product, and done a good job with the photography and the detail. I’m so looking forward to seeing the entries!"